Community Rooms


Community Meeting Room

Over 4600 square feet of meeting room space is available to the public.

Meeting rooms are available to the public.

* During non-operation hours, there is an additional cost of $50/hour.

Contact Arlington Hills Community Center to book a room!



Room Capacities & Rates

Community Room A: 150

  • $75/hour


Kitchen: 1

  • $40/hour

*Induction cookware is required for stovetop.


-How to check for induction cookware:

Stick a magnet to your cookware and if it sticks, most likely it is compatible with an induction Stove.

Induction cookware brands: All-Clad Stainless, Viking Cookware and Mauviel M’cooks Stainless


Community Room B: 25

  • $28/hour


Community Room C: 25

  • $28/hour

*Non-Profit/Tax-exempt groups must show forms upon reservation.


Gym: 741

  • $52/hour