Createch Studio

A Creative Technology Space for Teens

  • Monday – Thursday: 3 – 8 pm
  • Friday: 3 – 6 pm


Our Digital Learning Lab, named Createch Studio, is a space for teens to create.  It provides access and hands-on opportunities to hang out with current and emerging technology, mess around with new equipment, and geek out.

Mentors in the space will encourage exploration, spark passion, and connect teens to resources needed to learn and pursue their interests. Mentors will support the teens’ individual growth.

The space is shaped by the teens and mentors. The mentors, the neighborhood, and community partners all add their flavor and bring their personality to the space.

The Institute of Museum and Library Service and the MacArthur Foundation chose the partnership of Saint Paul Public Library and Saint Paul Parks and Recreation to participate in the first round of their Digital Learning Labs project.  The agencies received an 18-month $100,000 grant to plan the project.

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Staff and Mentors

Meet the Createch Studio staff


Articles and presentations

Arlington Hills teen center already a hub of activity

Interview with YALSA January, 2014 


More information on Learning Labs

HOMAGO (Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out): HOMAGO Guidebook (PDF)

Mimi Ito on HOMAGO



The Digital Learning Labs project is based on the success of the YOUMedia project at the Chicago Public Library.

YOUmedia Toolkit 

YOUmedia: Innovate to Educate from Ben Wolff on Vimeo.


Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Createch Studio’s Learning Labs Grant.

This organization participates in the Sprockets network which aims to improve the quality and availability of after-school and summer programs for youth and their families in Saint Paul. Information about your child’s participation in this activity will be used to help assess the quality and effectiveness of out of school time programs. Information about your child will be kept confidential and your child will never be identified in any evaluation or research reports. You have the right to review the Data Privacy Notice. If you do not want your child’s data to be included in evaluation or research related to Sprockets, please tell our staff and sign the non-consent form. This will NOT affect your child’s participation in the program. 


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